Rate Their Chances MultiVersus Edition: Day 135 - Swamp Thing (DC Comics) and Wilt (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) (2024)

Ocean Man:

Chance- 45%

Now, this is an interesting field to talk about. While not as large as other shonen manga such as the big four, JJBA is arguably one of Shonen Jump's largest series at this point, being extremely popular in Japan ever since its creation and eventually gaining success in the west following the anime's release ten years ago. Enduring in the minds of many anime fans for the story the series has, its wonderfully weird cast of characters and abilities, and the fountain of memes it is, JJBA is at an excellent point at the moment when it comes to its stardom, with news and new releases related to the series coming out every year as the manga continues going on even after all these years. Not only this, but JoJo also has a personal connection with Warner, as the studio's Japanese branch manages the distribution of materials such as the anime, merchandise related to it, and the live-action DIU films. All of this builds up to a character who is quite likely... so why does it fall behind characters such as Goku and Luffy?

The issue lies within Namco, who organizes the video game rights for JJBA and all of Shonen Jump as a whole.

JJBA has a strange history when it comes to releasing its games overseas. The west, of course, isn't completely without JJBA games being translated and released officially, as seen with HFTF (although to be there, this was made before Warner got the rights) and the games CyberConnect makes. However, something I noticed that does make me worry is that other, smaller JJBA games (even mobile games that seen they'd do quite well in the west), have often gone unreleased in areas outside Japan, with Jumputi Heroes (a small puzzle game for Shonen Jump released in Japan and Vietnam) removing all JJBA content in the latter area where it was released. Now, Multiversus isn't a game like the several defunct mobile games and Last Survivor (being first and foremost a game released on consoles), but seeing stuff like this occur for games (be it for licensing issues, copyright issues tied to the series' habit of naming things after songs or bands, or some other thing) does make me concerned. I do hope the series does eventually get more video games released to the west to help calm my nerves (Fortnite seems willing to crossover with them based on a poll, as a note), but for now, things certainly are strange when it comes to the question of adding Jotaro (and other JJBA reps, as well) to a game that will be released in areas outside of its homeland.

Want- 100%

JJBA is my favorite manga/anime series of all time. It just oozes with the goodness I seek for in works, blending scenes of interesting characters doing crazy things with plenty of drama, action, comedy through the oddity of it all, and a good usage of references to a story that, despite how, well, bizarre things get, it never feels too crazy or completely random. Add to this to the fights blending together power and tactics perfectly, alongside how the story manages to weave its serious and funny moments within it perfectly without any real clash of tone, allows it to become a constantly-shifting yet consistently excellent tale of a bloodline and the struggles they face. As for the reps for the series itself, there really isn't any better choice for the first JJBA rep than Jotaro, as they are not only the de-facto main protagonist of the entire series (despite not existing until the end of the second part, and only having a major role in two/three of the parts), but they keep true to the core principles the series uses in fights, being raw strength utilized through Stands. Not only would their majorly damage-focused playstyle be right up my alley when it comes to what characters I like to play, but I also think his personality would help add a bit more seriousness to the roster, something that could result in funny dialogue when compared to the majorly more goofy cast. Furthermore, there's tons and tons of potential when it comes to possible stages for Jotaro, and equally excellent music to be used as well. For these reasons, Jotaro shares a three-way tie with a certain vampire and his son for my most wanted characters for this game, for sure.

Piranha Plant: The Musical:

Chance- 50%

While it isn't overly presently, Little Shop of Horrors remains a classic piece of 80s media, being one of the very few horror films to be nominated to the Academy Awards. Managing to blend together horror, comedy, and musical numbers together perfectly, much of the success can be tied to Audrey, with his bombastic yet sinister personality helping make his role within the film instantly iconic and unique among the various villains the horror medium has dreamed up. Furthermore, while Audrey himself has faded a bit from the public mind, the film still remains celebrated in the minds of those with a liking for 80s flicks and the monster canon in general, with monstrous plants recently becoming one of the more recent additions to the Halloween canon. However, as mentioned before, his work isn't majorly relevant within pop culture, with a remake for the film being put on the backburner unless Warner decides to take it out of the oven, which isn't guaranteed to happen. Furthermore, LSOH isn't a work Warner fully owns (they merely own the 1986 film version), as to get the rights, they would need to make a deal with Roger Corman (the creator of the original 1960 film) in order to acquire the license. Due to this and the fact Audrey hasn't cameoed in much stuff since his original Warner-owned debut, Audrey's likelihood does take a hit, leaving the character at a disadvantage compared to other possible 80s reps PFG could choose.

Want- 90%

Audrey is a character that I mainly want for his personality alone. In the classic 1986 film, Audrey just steals the show in every scene he's in, being grandiose, sad*stic, and brilliantly hammy all at once, and all to great effect. Because of this, all of Audrey's taunts and animations would do wonders by showcasing this nature of his, possibly trying to hide his true nature at first before letting it all out once he either wins or is defeated. Outside of these qualities, however, I think Audrey's moveset is also ripe for cool attacks, using various plant-based moves to ensnare foes alongside various bite-based attacks. Outside of these qualities, however, I think Audrey could also provide a unique body shape to the roster of Multiversus, moving using tentacle-like appendages and having the potential to be a large character with a very wide, disjointed set of attacks. While I do fear some of his attacks may come off as pretty similar to each other, the fact we have so little plant users in fighting games generally makes up for this, even with Poison Ivy's upcoming addition. Besides, who wouldn't want to play as something as unique as a man-eating plant?


Shao Khan- 10x
Tetsuo Shima- 10x

Rate Their Chances MultiVersus Edition: Day 135 - Swamp Thing (DC Comics) and Wilt (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) (2024)
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