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"Part 1." Stormy reads and she was on her back on the floor holding the book above her and that definitely couldn't be comfortable but she seemed fine so the rest let her be.

"Even with all the crazy going on, the chaos of classes and upcoming midterms and the boys and the witches and magic - Bloom notices.

And maybe she wouldn’t, if Tecna weren’t so stark an opposite, but when Stella’s phone buzzes she tenses and her eyes grow hard whenever anyone so much as alludes to her family, and -"

Everyone is tense and glancing at Stella and Bloom frowned as she looks at the blond who is tense as well and laser focused on the book.

"Tecna is exhausted with her family’s worry, but she loves them and knows she is loved and she so visibly affirms that to the rest of them without even trying that Bloom has never once considered that Tecna’s siblings or parents are hurting her. Stella, though -"

"If they're hurting you I will roast them." Bloom promises darkly with a glare and there's smoke curling at her lips but each of the witches are tense and eyeing the blond almost concerned. The rest of the Winx look worried and squish Stella closer, the teachers go stone faced alongside Riven and Timmy. Blooms parents look furious.

"I'll keep that in mind." Stella said so softly and her voice was so grateful but careful that it made them uneasy. Aisha was giving her a worried and sympathetic look.

"So what percentage of your parents are being assholes?” Bloom asks, and flings herself down onto the absolute rats nest of a bed Stella is also flopped on. They’re alone, Stella’s bedroom door closed, and it’s been a long, frustrating day of classes - professors getting increasingly dismissive of Bloom and the girls getting increasingly snappy in turn. They’re all exhausted. And maybe that’s why Stella doesn’t waive it away."

"What percentage..." Mirta gives a slightly strained snicker at that and Bloom shoots her a shrug and smirk.

"Apparently some planets have more than two parents! Seemed a good question!" Bloom said and Flora glowered at the book.

"I like how it says that the girls are getting snappy, it implies all of you." Lucy pointed out glancing at the group of cuddling fairies who absolutely look ready to snap at someone.

"Trust me. It'd be all of us." Musa said and her voice has a slight hum to it now.

"If you commit a murder please at least dispose of the body off of school grounds." Faragonda sounded so so tired. Honestly she's never thought she'd have to say half of the things she has been to her students before. Wasn't it usually the witches who were feral imps to be talked down from chaos and murder?

"And remember to not leave witnesses." Griselda tacked on and okay that absolutely was not helping Faragondas mental state at the moment. Her deputy headmistress was no nonsense and by the books. Why was she giving advice on murder?

"Of course we wouldn't. We're not amateurs!" Bloom said sounding so offended that it made a couple of the occupants snicker, breaking some of the tension.

"She sighs, and rolls over onto her side to better look at Bloom, and Bloom reaches forward because Stella’s eyes are swimming with tears and her makeup is already smudged.

“Do you mind if I dump on you?”

"Never." Bloom promises Stella seriously and the blond gave her a thankful smile.

"You could tell us anything Stella. Honestly I don't think anything you say could be as surprising as half of the stuff we've heard from this book." Flora said giving Stella a squeeze on the shoulder.

"You jinxed it." Mike and Vanessa said immediately and Flora looked horrified while the rest of the magicals jerked in place slightly.

"Earth saying!" Bloom yelped out before anyone could freak and Flora relaxed visibly at that.

Stormy was absolutely going to learn more about Earth from the red head cause what the f*ck was up with hat planet?! And it's sayings?!

"Wouldn’t be here if I did, babe.” Bloom murmurs back, and Stella’s whole face screws up as she tries not to cry. Stella takes a deep breath, and then another, and Bloom’s impressed even beyond the way her own eyes are already stinging - deep breaths have always just made her cry more.

“They had an arranged marriage. Mom’s from…Solaria has two…groups I guess. Not like how Earth groups itself, but our magic is - distinct. Half of the planet draws its power from the sun and half from the moon. Two totally different cultures and societies and all that. And it’s - the fighting is so petty, I f*cking swear - “ Stella doesn't look at any of them right now and the rest of the room grimaces and is respectfully silent as her personal home stuff is read out for them all to hear.

Stormys voice is surprisingly soft and understanding as she continues to read.

"Stella cuts herself off with a groan, and rubs her eyes. Bloom lets out a little hum of acknowledgment.

“It’s - It’s been pretty one-sided since they got married and ascended the throne, right? They rule jointly. I’m the first half-breed to be, like. Celebrated. Can’t tell you how great it was growing up with my grandparents - anyway. Solarians become adults at eighteen, but Lunarians become adults at sixteen. Dad always pushed for Solarian stuff to be celebrated publicly. He didn’t even want me to have my adulthood ceremony, but - Mom just had one privately with me, and - we weren’t really close growing up. And I can’t help but wonder how much of that was Dad’s fault, because she’s - “ Stella cuts herself of with a hardly noticeable hitch to in her breath."

"So far everything is matching up." Stella said almost woodenly and Bloom leaps from her cuddles with the witches to crush her friends under her body weight again like some living breathing weighted blanket.

"I'll punch him in the face for you." Bloom offers and Riven is voicing how he'll hold the guy down and the witches are all for it of course.

"I can freeze his feet to the floor. Make sure he can't run." Icy offers awkwardly but it's something and Stella gives her a thankful look as the rooms atmosphere becomes tense and awkward cause this...this was supposed to be private. And it wasn't the treason or anything so they didn't know why they had to hear about this.

Stormy was still laying at the couch by their feet near Riven and Timmy who haven't moved from their spot in a while, but now she sits up and her hand not holding the book reaches up and she just...grabs Stellas ankle and holds it in support.

"…What happened?”

“It’s - I’m an adult in her eyes. So she doesn’t hide stuff from me anymore. Not that she really did before, but she’s - we talk and she tells me stuff and…I knew they were divorcing because she found out Dad’s been cheating on her, like, their entire marriage. And that sucked, because I love him but he hurt her and he hurt me, and…I think she knew before, though. She just - I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they waited until I was off-planet before starting this.”

"Yeah it probably isn't a coincidence." Stella said sighing heavily and Stormy...paused. She paused and lowered the book and tilted her head back after getting at an awkward angle to look at the blond.

"If you want I'll skip this part and just get to where it's back to the treason stuff?" Stormy offers and it's...she normally didn't care but apparently these fairies were their coven now. Were her sisters and she would do the absolute same for Icy or Darcy. Would probably slam a lightning bolt into the asshole airing this whole thing too. And fry the book.

"We don't know if we're able to do that. Or what the consequences for skipping ahead would be. Let's...let's not risk it and just get this over with. It'll all be coming out and happening soon enough anyways." Stella said and she offers Stormy a smile but she looks and sounds defeated and exhausted and it hits everyone then that this had already been going on and happening. Even before they got summoned to the room this stuff, the divorce and all, had already been happening.

Stormy carefully marks the spot she left off on and then throws the book at Sky.

"What the-" Sky barely catches it before it hits him in the face and everyone startles as they look at him and at Stormy.

"I'm not reading the sh*t causing one of my sisters pain like that. You're an asshole who we already barely tolerate. You do it. Toss the book back when we get back to the stuff about treason." Stormy huffs rolling her eyes and it's f*cking obvious duh, but Icy and Darcy are staring at her slightly surprised and the fairies seemed dumbstruck for a moment...

Then someone yanks Stormy up and into the cuddle pile where Stella wraps and arm around her and mouths a thank you. It speaks volumes when she doesn't fry them all and instead tolerates how they all latch onto her and okay so she might match onto them in return but no one cares point it out.

Sky is given some dark looks to keep from throwing the book back at the storm witch and decides to read. He knows he's still on ice for the whole cheating thing even if it's handled in the book.

"Did you know?” Bloom asks quietly. Stella still looks frustrated, and Stella’s always been one to vent, to need to push it all out there in the open, to purge.

“I should have. I think he’s brought me around his - mistresses. Before. But - no. I wouldn’t have protected him if I’d…” She shakes her head and knocks her headband askew. Bloom reaches out and plucks it free of her hair because Stella might be obsessive about fashion and pampering but her hair still snarls worse than Bloom’s ever seen and if she’s going to emotionally drain herself now, she won’t have the energy to deal with that later."

"Thanks." Stella muttered to Bloom who flashed her a smile even though they're all squishing and being squished and the couch barely holds them.

"He brought you around his mistresses?!" Vanessa seemed in disbelief and Stella pointedly doesn't answer.

"So he’s being a jackass.”

“He told my mother to abdicate or he’d make the divorce public and draw me into it.” Stella says flatly."

"Holy sh*t he's trying to overthrow her?!" Aisha asked and the rest of the room looks stunned and in disbelief too. The witches could almost applaud the plot if it wasn't happening to one of the ones that they nearly claimed as their own.

"If he comes onto school grounds I have no control over my own actions, much less what you girls will do." Griselda said promptly and Faragonda said nothing against it.

"Oh I am absolutely helping with this. How dare he?" Daphne was pissed too and muttering some choice words under her breath.

"Bloom blinks.

“…Your dad is trying to overthrow your mom?”

“She’s the one with the royal bloodline. He married in. He says it’ll be fine because I’m his heir, and I’ve got all the royal blood anyone could possibly want in me!” Stella spits out, enraged, and the air around her hands is already shimmering with heat. Bloom pushes herself up, mind racing, thinking, and -"

"Oh yeah f*ck no we are not letting him use you as some pawn to overthrown your mom!" Bloom said and the air in the room is heating up a bit and it's shimmering near Stella, there's a scent of Ozone.

"I wasn't aware of this before." Stella hisses out and her eyes are damn near glowing as she glares at the book.

"You guys have social media, right?” She asks slowly, and Stella’s eyes snap to her.

“You have a plan?”

"Removing the blackmail." Darcy and Griffin immediately picked up on where Blooms mind went and the group of pissed trembling fairies stilled and then suddenly there were sharp dark looks on each of their faces and Stella was grinning slightly wildly.

"Not bad." Icy nodded to Bloom eyeing the girl intrigued.That was an effective and clever little idea. Might even work if they did it right.

"Whatever you girls are doing I'll help. Just ask." Mirta said looking at the fairies who nodded to her and Timmy and Riven perked up.

"Let us know if you need any help from us. Mole problem or not." Timmy said and Riven had a gaze like a panthers as he stared at Helia.

"If need be I can take the mole out of the equation for at least a week." Riven said sweetly and Helia winced a bit but said nothing. He couldn't blame them for being pissed or going off on him when he was hoisted onto them.

"Maybe. If you’re up for it. I might…have an idea. For removing your dad’s blackmail.”

“What would that be?” Stella asks, pushing herself up already, the intensity of the cosmos itself lighting up her eyes. Bloom chews on her lip for a moment, and then shrugs.

If this goes south, at least Stella’s tried. At least they’ve tried.

“Go public with it first.”

"That...might actually work." Stella said slowly and her eyes darkened as her mind raced.

"We can have everything set up when we get back to the dorm." Tecna offered and Flora gave an agreeing noise.

"I can grow some moonlace or other plants that prefer moonlight if you want me to." Flora offered and okay that was sweet and would absolutely make a statement and the witches seemed to be on board as well.

"Hmm... if you go with a darker look we can help." Darcy said after a handful of seconds and Stella gave her a grateful look and nod.

"I can find an empty classroom to give you girls a more professional background if you're doing a video." Griselda offered and yes they were grateful for that but also...

"You know we could probably take over an empty classroom to use as a meeting room if we think our dorm has any kind of listening spells or anything." Tecna said after a second and the girls looked at each other and began to grin at that.

"Don't destroy my school!" Faragonda yelped as Sky handed the book back to Brandon since he was the closest one.

Characters reading A Fable, Agreed Upon - Chapter 17 - FoofyFang (2024)
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